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Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2016

Telematics Valley

A Connected and Autonomous Brand New World
5 September 08:15 to 6 September 16:30

Telematics Valley


Telematics Valley seeks to promote the use of telematics to benefit all users in the automotive, connected industries and society. Bringing together the mix of private and public sector, together with academia, allows for Telematics Valley to provide a forum for the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and information.

What is going on in the automotive industry and smart cities?

  • How to achieve trust in autonomous vehicles? How can we ensure that the vehicles will not be hacked?
  • Which are the challenges and opportunities in smart cities with autonomous vehicles and open data? What emerging business models are there?
  • Technology vs. legal issues: How to ensure that legal work keep up with the rapid technical development? How do we close the gap?
  • Technical challenges: What is needed? What is ongoing? Gap analysis. ==> What actions to take?!