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Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2016

Findwise i3

Intelligence, Information and Integration.

Findwise i3 is an intelligent way to integrate information. The knowledge and experience of 10 years’ search technology projects has resulted us developing a product to ensure the highest quality search solutions. By using i3 on top of a search platform we can deliver better outcome in shorter time!

Higher search quality projects, in shorter time

Transform a search engine to a search solution by combining cutting edge search technology with our 10 years of experience collecting and presenting information.

Exploring Data

Data isn’t only about knowledge anymore. We like to think the quick outperforms the slow. How long does it take for your data to become an insight?

Find, Visualize, act

Collect, refine and visualize high volume data from different locations. Organize the information to make it easily accessible.

Protect your investments

We recognize that every enterprise is unique and instead help you create value from your existing investments. Specifically we collect and harmonize the data from your existing information dumps.

Care for the value of information

Information value and information needs are changeable and any solution that manages information needs to remain agile in order to keep serving an organisation well into the future. From its creation (to its disposal at the end of its lifecycle), information needs to be catered for and our approach goes further in catering for the precise needs of those interacting with the solution.


  • A single API to index information, a single API to search
  • Reindex select or complete content without involving the source systems
  • Rich library to enrich and refine content
  • Reuse information and APIs for any platform or application

IT Operations

  • Easy to browse the system health
  • Centralized log management and visualization
  • Overview and control of connectivity and metadata enrichment

Business Analyst

  • Visualize search usage and make trend analysis
  • Act to increase high quality search results
  • Refine information by managing synonyms, KeyMatches etc.

Cases using Findwise i3

Our clients are a mix of large global organisations and local niche companies. Do you want to know how you can treat your company information as an asset?

How content management can drive sales and marketing.
Search and database offloading.
Easy access to issued documents - offshore.
Meeting the “google generation’s” expectation on information access, design and apperance.
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