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Smart answers - Webinar Findwise & Lucidworks

Webinar där Findwise och Lucidworks visar hur du kan dra nytta av din data genom sökteknologi för förbättra kundresan. Vi kommer att se tillämpningar som smartare automatgenererade frågor & svar och virtulla assistenter inom förbättrad kundtjänst.
25 juni 14:00 till 15:00

Smart answers - Webinar Findwise & Lucidworks


Eventet presenteras på engelska.

Talare är:
Fredrick Clase, Findwise
Simon Taylor, Lucidworks


Short introduction to speakers

Lucidworks show examples and walk through of successful implementations of smart answering technology using search, combined with AI and knowledge graphs as a backbone to the solution. We will see customer cases and dig deeper in the positive effects that came with the change of mindset and technology.

The session includes:

  • How search and deep learning extend conversational frameworks for improved experiences
  • How Smart Answers improves customer care, call deflection, and employee self-service
  • A live demo of Smart Answers for multi-channel self-service support

Findwise gives a brief introduction to a proven methodology for an organization to take an holistic view on their assets of data - Data Findability