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Introduktion till AI - Systembolagets strävan att ge bättre vinrekommendationer

Presentationen är en del av Gothenburg Tech week och kommer att hållas på engelska
31 augusti 17:00 till 20:00

Introduktion till AI - Case story kring att ge bättre vinrekommendationer

Göteborg and virtual

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic. It is almost impossible to avoid news and discussions about AI. You may have noticed that AI can mean very different things to different people. Many people fear AI other only see the potential in it.

Findwise has worked with game changing search technologies for over a decade and we would like to share our view of AI and machine learning and how you can draw benefit from it.

Niklas Emegård will guide you through an introduction to AI and machine learning and show a demo of probably the first AI in the wine industry that can compare taste and how it helps you to discover new wines based on your taste - Case story from Systembolaget.

17.00 Drop in, drinks and something to eat will be served
18.00 Presentation starts
19.00 Mingle with your friends

This is a hybrid event something to eat and drink will be served for physical guests.
There are 40 physical seats and 100 digital seats.

Since we don't know how the fall will look like, we will send out a form one month prior to the event where you can decide if you want a physical seat or a digital.