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Data Findability -The fundament for Digital Transformation

What can you do to become a more data-driven organization?
22 april 08:30 till 09:00

Data Findability -The fundament for Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is a key driver to many organisations but what does it mean in practice?

What can you do to become a more data-driven organisation in practice?

Today we see many organisations embarked on a digital transformation journey, have found their initiatives stranded due to lack of reliable, findable and sustainable data, especially when they are to move from tests and POCs to scale in production.

This webinar can help you to start form a strategy to create sustainable data management through a program of activities and infrastructure. The value is democratisation of data and information across the organisation, and a platform that supports data-driven transformation across the organization.

It will result in:
* Faster and easier access to the relevant data sets needed to accelerate your organization’s data driven transformation projects
* Sustainable data and information strategy for AI, machine learning, analytics, etc.
* Increased output quality

The speaker is Fredrick Clase, Senior Advisor, Business Developer and Data Findability evangelist.

Even though Fredrick loves to create data-driven solutions he does it with business value in focus. During his years at Findwise he has been one of the masterminds behind many interesting data findability initiatives, register to hear him share some of his experiences or invite him to a separate meeting and expect to get thoose challenging questions ...