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Data-centric solutions, and the future of information management

Digital transformation and data-centric solutions are areas where the future of information management will play a vital role.
21 januari 08:30 till 09:00

Data-centric solutions and the future of information management


The presenter is Fredric Landqvist, known to many as an enthusiastic information architect with brave and visionary ideas.

During his interesting presentation you will learn both about the basics and the importance of information architecture in a captivating manner. The webinar is on a basic level and can be seen as an introduction to information management. It does not require any previous knowledge in the area. The webinar will be in English.

High level topics are:

  • No AI without IA!
  • F.A.I.R data principles - start making sense of your data
  • Tools and capabilities to build a sustainable connected data architecture - case stories

Fredric is a senior consultant and researcher, with extensive experience from business-, strategy- and project management consulting, as well as information- and systems architecture and development and methodology development. Specialties within Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, E-commerce, CRM, Portals, Information Architecture as well as Content and Document Management. IT-management and Governance.

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