Start Making Sense

How do you manage your information?

The legacy of more than 60 years of digital annotations and memos have left us in an extremely complex environments. Our lost end users have a variety of places where they are supposed to work and contribute. The Information environment is often seen as fragmented, a set of disparate threads organised by tools that lack the interoperability!

Sensemaking in the everyday work practice

Information architecture is an organising discipline. We design an abstract and effective organisation of information, then expose that organisation to facilitate navigation and information use.

And this is where the 5S's of Content Management enter like a knight in shining armour.

5S is a workplace safety, organisation and cleanliness methodology. Originally adopted for use in manufacturing environments then adopted throughout multiple industries to support various differing workplace management systems. The 5S methodology is based on a cycle of continuous improvement and contains a flow of steps that address comprehensive reorganization.

Download the guide to learn more about the 5S's and start making sense out data!

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