Search driven analytics

Combining the best from Enterprise search and traditional BI. Ease of use, access to all data and instant answers to business-critical questions.

Many organisations struggle in providing answers to business-critical questions. Hundreds of content sources, huge amounts of data and BI experts, limited by slow and complex applications.

To succeed with advanced analytics you need:

  • A platform to handle large amounts of data – structured and un-structured
  • Transformation of (big) data into consumable information
  • The ability to provide and present quick and accurate answers to your questions

Analytics platform (or insight engine)

We offer implementation and customisation of various search-driven and easy-to-use tools for analytics. We guide you in choosing a platform, considering your needs for real-time analysis, content sources, machine learning, natural language processing and scalability.

We have partnerships with all leading analytics and big data companies and provide expert consulting for platforms such as:

Guidance and advanced analytics

Besides choosing a platform, you may need help in getting started with analytics. Which data is interesting and what to look for? Knowing what to ask is a challenge for most.

We help you figure out what to look for and provide both general and advanced analytics. The sky is the limit but typical areas to start with are:

  • Intranet and collaboration – social, content and applications
  • Data protection – alerts and data inventory, are you compliant with GDPR?

Want to know more or get started with analytics?
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