Samples from the lab

Unemployment-issues are complex. Lacking the right competences is a problem. We are not saying anything else. BUT we would like to address the matching issue from another angle, an angle that might contribute to decrease the gap.
People spell their names in many ways. This can make people hard to find. With our improved phonetic search component, you no longer need to know the exact spelling of a name. Only relevant variations of the exact name are returned.
By utilizing powerful grammatical understanding we go beyond keyword search. This empowers the users and gives them more freedom to use their expertise.
Are you looking for a coat for a rainy day? Well, now it's enough to type just "coat" and you'll also get results for "raincoat".
Search engines consist of nodes responsible for one or a few parts of the index (called shards).
You can search for people but don't know what they're good at. It'd be great with an automatic expert finder, right?
Don’t you just go mad when that search result snippet makes no sense? But hey, what if you could just get a summary of the document?
That feeling when you search for Java and get hits for programming. All you wanted was coffee!
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