Phonetic Search

People spell their names in different ways, sometimes even in unexpected ways. Names can be decorated with added or changed characters. For example, in 2016 seventeen people in Sweden spelled their name 'Cewin' as a variation of the name 'Kevin'. These types of variations are difficult for regular phonetic search components to understand. This is one of the areas where our phonetic search component has excelled.

In this demo, we have chosen to optimize for common Swedish names. This means that our phonetic search component works really well for traditionally Swedish names in different spellings. Our phonetic search component does however work well for other names as well. Give it a try!

Business value

There are many reasons why an organization should strive for Findability. Finding people is one important part to this. In today's knowledge driven organizations, finding the right person to get in touch with is critical. A powerful phonetic search component will make finding the right person easier, enabling better search and new possiblities for analytics.

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