Personality job-match

In Sweden there are almost 30 000 available jobs and almost 71 000 unemployed people right now (2017-11-24). Media has written about something called “matchningskrisen” – the inability to match people and jobs properly.
In addition, we in the IT-business experience a growing demand of developers. The business will lack 60 000 people in 2-3 years if nothing is changed.

What can be done?

Unemployment-issues are complex. Lacking the right competences is a problem. We are not saying anything else. BUT we would like to address the matching issue from another angle, an angle that might contribute to decrease the gap. Can we look at anything else then competence when matching people and jobs? Can the right personality be definitive?

How to do it?

Our team downloaded 10 years of historical data from Arbetsförmedlingen, extracted competences and personal traits from the job ads and used those to do analysis together with the structured data. This allowed them to correlate and analyze regions, time, competences, personal traits and job titles with each other.

Find the job that (according job ads from Arbetsförmedlingen) is best suitable for your personality

Try the demo! (demo in Swedish)

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