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Samples from the lab

These are some of the projects we play around with at the moment. Check them out!

People spell their names in many ways. This can make people hard to find. With our improved phonetic search component, you no longer need to know the exact spelling of a name. Only relevant variations of the exact name are returned.
By utilizing powerful grammatical understanding we go beyond keyword search. This empowers the users and gives them more freedom to use their expertise.
Are you looking for a coat for a rainy day? Well, now it's enough to type just "coat" and you'll also get results for "raincoat".

What is Findwise Labs

Findwise Labs is where we play around with ideas and turn them into reality. We focus on search, findability and big data and are always looking for academic and industry partners to come play with us.

We give you our skills along with a creative, fun and explorative environment.
You bring us ideas, talent and experience.
Together we design, prototype and build the future.

Currently, samples from the lab (that’s what we call our projects) are mostly about:

  • Preparing data for action
  • Multi dimensional analysis
  • Data relation insight management

However, we are open for all suggestions. So, join a hot lab sample, share an idea or ask us a question. We want to hear from you.

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