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Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2016

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Experience the strength of being the fastest - act on relevant information in real-time.

Find, analyse and act

Findwise adds business value to organisations where information is a priority by delivering business-critical solutions and search applications. Put briefly, we help companies find, analyse and act on information.

After 10 years’ of consultancy, research and development, we can proudly say that we are global experts in Enterprise Search and Findability with experience from more than 300 clients and over 800 successfully tailor-made Findability projects. No matter what industry or department, you can rely on business-critical solutions that transforms information into valuable knowledge.

Awards & announcements

  • 2011 Gazell Awards, Sweden
  • 2012 Gazell Awards, Sweden
  • 2013 Gazell Awards, Sweden
  • 2014 Gazell Awards, Sweden
  • 2015 Great Place to Work, Sweden
  • 2016 Great Place to Work, Sweden
  • 2015 Gazell Awards, Denmark

Upcoming Events

Find upcoming events near you. Findwise organizes everything from crash courses to network-meetings. Different types of happenings depending on your prior knowledge, role and interest.


Solr Unleashed

A Hands-On Workshop for Building Killer Search Apps

Solr Under the Hood

Two day class designed to turn Solr developers into Solr rock stars

Web of Data, the future of the Internet

Welcome to a breakfast with Phil Archer from W3C


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13 April 2017

Long live the Insight Engine

RIP the search engine
12 April 2017

SAP + Findwise = SAPWISE

Analytics and search in SAP
29 March 2017

Findwise is a Great Place to Work 2017

For the third year in a row awarded with the honorable prize
9 January 2017

Findwise is named National Champion in the European Business Awards

Findwise recognised in Europe’s largest business competition