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Web of Data, the future of the Internet

Welcome to a breakfast with Phil Archer from W3C
13 June 08:00 to 10:00

Web of Data, the future of the Internet


Welcome to a breakfast at Findwise office in Göteborg!
This morning we have Phil Archer, data strategist at W3C, as a guest and he will talk about current and future work on the Web.

Interoperability and means for standard development is key for the future of data:
• Data management, master data management and smarter information management in the content continuum
• Data and Analytics - open data bridging to analytic capacities
• Standards for semantic web ready to take-off with real-cases
• How to build a sustainable model for the future
• Emerging trends on the web

Who should participate?

• Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and or people responsible for omni-channel management (all is web), E-commerce, Citizen engagement, Mobile First
• Data Science responsible and / or Information management lead
• Open Data lead
• Anybody who share insights or interest in the future of the web, building a ”smarter” and more connected experience.

You are Welcome!