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Trends in Search and Findability

An introduction to the power of Search and Findability described through real examples and cases.
4 March 08:30 to 09:00

Trends in Search and Findability


The speaker is Anders Häggdahl - Sales and Marketing Manager at Findwise.

During the presentation he will adress questions as:

  • What is Search and Findability?
  • How can connected information and data change the way we work?
  • Why is Search and Findability vital to speed up the journey towards digital transformation?

The webinar is an introduction to Search and Findability, told in a language that all understand.
Expect real examples, strategies for success and some common mistakes when transforming unstructured data and information into reusable assets.

You will hopefully learn the basics and perhaps get some new ideas to that you can test on your organization.

About the speaker:
Anders is a true search enthusiast, a skilled business consultant and has been involved in starting up many initiatives and programs around Search and Findability in the Nordics during his 10 years at Findwise.

Warm welcome!

8:30 - The webinar starts
8:55 - Time for questions and discussions
9:00 - The webinar ends