The Search Engine

A guide helping you choose a search platform.

As with all technology, choosing a search platform can be challenging. Many organisations struggle with contradictive or unclear requirements, making it difficult to harmonise business and usability goals, technical environment and information landscape.

Our experts are vendor and technology independent. This to provide guidance and tailored solutions for your organisation. After 10 years of helping organisations choose, implement and customise search platforms we have a proven method for getting it right:

  • Identify and formalise business goals
    Why do you need a search solution?
  • Get to know your users
    What are their needs, skills and expectations?
  • Explore, prioritise and refine information
    What is needed and what can be left out?
  • Establish an organisation to maintain quality
    Who is responsible for technology, information and improvements?
  • Use reliable and flexible technology
    What are the performance and scalability requirements?

We have experience from working with all leading search technologies, commercial as well as open source.

About Findwise

With 100+ consultants we create solutions for search- and data driven decisions. Using the latest technology. Findwise will do magic for your organisation, no matter platform, format or the amount of data. Whether you are global, niched or local – at least one of our many clients is similar to you.