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Value from unstructured data

There is huge business value locked away in enterprise information assets, because information contains the majority of the organization’s intelligence. Organizations that unlock that value can outperform competitors in their market. Information augments the value that most organizations have already found in structured data - it is the untapped frontier of competitive advantage.

To realize this value we know you must understand your information and knowledge it contains, how it can be applied in the context of your operations and how it enhances the insights from structured data. The information must be described completely and consistently with metadata.

Smartlogic focus all their energy on creating value from unstructured information.

Semaphore is their enterprise-grade semantic platform; it captures the context of your business then analyzes your information to identify and present its value. Smartlogic’s semantic platform enable better access to corporate knowledge, improved risk management and compliance, superior customer service and relationship management, enhanced information discovery for key audiences, and an improved ability to monetize information. Hundreds of companies, including NASA, Bank of America, Target, Audi and Honeywell use Semaphore.