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Did you know that Findwise has moved to http://tietoevry.com/findwise?

Findwise has been a part of Tietoevry Create since January 2022, which means that we can support customers both locally and in a truly global context in long term team deliveries.

Unlock the Meaning of Your Data!

PoolParty is a world-class semantic technology suite that offers sharply focused solutions to your knowledge organization and content business.

PoolParty is one of the most complete semantic middleware on the global market. Use it to enrich your information with valuable metadata. Let it link your business and content assets automatically.


Take your information architecture to the next level by using innovative but proven methods and technologies. PoolParty, together with implemanting partners like Findwise, has a strong track record in implementing this powerful software across multiple industries.


PoolParty products are based on best-of-breed technologies and own innovations to provide a future-proof technology stack for your semantic systems. APIs support effortless integration with third-party systems.


PoolParty is easy to use for developers and end-users such as information architects and content strategists.


Start small, grow big: Start increasing the value of your data by applying the W3C SKOS standard (Simple Knowledge Organization System). With PoolParty, you do not get overwhelmed by data complexity, but incrementally build tailor-suited structures which fit your organization.


PoolParty is a system that learns continuously from information streams and your documents. Applications such as content recommenders become gradually more precise and reliable.

Cases using PoolParty

Our clients are a mix of large global organisations and local niche companies. Do you want to know how you can treat your company information as an asset?

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