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Google Search Appliance is being phased out - we can help you move forward!

Google Search Appliance is being phased out

Google has announced the end of support for the Google Search Appliance (GSA) in March 2019. If you are a current customer with GSA that is eligible for renewal during the 2017 calendar year, you are able to renew for a final one-year-period. After that, once your final license expires, your GSA will stop working.

1 hour free assessment

We offer you 1 hour free assessment to help you evaluate your current situation and figure out what needs to be done next. Contact our GSA Qualified Deployment Specialist Ivar Ekman to set up a meeting.

Migrate from GSA

It’s favorable to start early with planning your migration from GSA to another search alternative that is right for you. Here’s one way to switch to open source, explained in 4 steps.

We can guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

Cases using Google Search Appliance

Our clients are a mix of large global organisations and local niche companies. Do you want to know how you can treat your company information as an asset?

Customised Findability with Google GSA.
Out-of-the-box implementation of Google GSA.