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Did you know that Findwise has moved to http://tietoevry.com/findwise?

Findwise has been a part of Tietoevry Create since January 2022, which means that we can support customers both locally and in a truly global context in long term team deliveries.

Rapidly Find and Make Sense of Parts Information

Engineers are designing more and more new parts every day. Why don’t they just find and reuse similar or equivalent parts that already exist inside your company’s legacy data assets?

Without a tool to rapidly find and compare similar parts hidden inside data sources and silos scattered throughout the company, design engineers simply choose to recreate the part rather than spend unproductive time searching. Although they may not realize it, creating new parts impacts the bottom line. Substantial time and costs are incurred if you need to acquire or produce new parts, leading to more production procedures, quality controls, and inventory into stock.

EXALEAD OnePart benefits

  • Accelerate product development
  • Reduce product cost
  • Increase profit
  • Reuse existing design
  • Capitalise on product quality improvement
  • Reduce the number of new & duplicate designs

EXALEAD OneCall - Transforming Customer Interactions into Profitable Business Growth

Customer questions enter the enterprise from multiple channels, and the data to help answer these questions come through many different systems and technologies. In the end, a CRM solution is called upon to get the job done.

However, CRM systems were not designed for customer service interactions, but were created for customer management. This makes it increasingly difficult for contact center and sales agents to effectively answer customer questions, resolve calls the first time, and lower average call lengths--all critical activities to deliver the best service experience possible.

Designed for busy contact center agents and managers who operate directly on the “frontlines” interface between a company and its customers, OneCall is the answer to overcome these challenges.

As a complementary solution to your existing CRM, EXALEAD OneCall unlocks the value of data and information spread across company systems, liberating your agents to engage customers in ways previously not possible.

About Exalead

Exalead offer their customers a complete enterprise search engine called CloudView. CloudView is an advanced and highly scalable product including connectors and customizable pipelines for document processing. For the administrator CloudView is a pleasant product due to the usable administration interface and search analysis features. There is also unique functionality for the quick creation of usable PoC interfaces. We see Exalead as an important player on the market for search-based application and offer consulting, implementation and functionality to improve the CloudView product.

EXALEAD OneCall: Information Advanced Customer Engagement