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Did you know that Findwise has moved to http://tietoevry.com/findwise?

Findwise has been a part of Tietoevry Create since January 2022, which means that we can support customers both locally and in a truly global context in long term team deliveries.

We will solve your information challenges, no matter platform. We have partnerships with all leading vendors.
Elastic (Elasticsearch) - A powerful component for modern search technology.
PoolParty - Unlock the Meaning of Your Data!
Neo4j - The Native Graph Advantage
Apache Solr - The popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform.
Findwise i3 - Turning your search engine into an insight engine.
eccenca - Knowledge driven Smart- and Cognitive Process Automation
RASA - Rasa is a framework for creating great AI assistants
IBM Watson Explorer - The cognitive era
Lucidworks Fusion - Turns all your siloed data into personalized experiences
Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365 - Search in SharePoint and Office 365 is more powerful than ever before
MetaSolutions - Makes you the provider of your structured data
Google Search Appliance - Google Search Appliance is being phased out - we can help you move forward!
Dassault Systèmes Exalead - Rapidly Find and Make Sense of Parts Information
Wand - Search Precision.
Microsoft Fast ESP - An era in Enterprise Search is coming to an end
EpiServer - One of the most popular CMS- platforms in Sweden
Apptus - Bring AI-powered eCommerce Optimisation to your Platform
ThoughtSpot - Search-Driven Analytics