Start making sense

How do you manage your information?

We use daily digital tools to cope with the information we have at hand. These tools have been implement to help deal with information and data in daily social life. The legacy of more than 60 years of digital annotations and memos have left us in an extremely complex environment.

Our lost end-users have a variety of places where they are supposed to work and contribute. The Information environment is often seen as fragmented, a set of disparate threads organised by tools that lack the interoperability!

Making sense of a single resource collection involves identifying the properties and principles that contrast the instances or observations. This is the bridge connecting sensemaking with organising.

The 5S’s and Content Management

  • To keep a digital workplace in great order where people are able to find what’s needed for their everyday workplace and contribute in a sound manner.

The applied use of 5S for Content Practices will fit like a glove. Download the full guide to find out how.

The 5S's of Content Management

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