In Search for Insight

Based on Enterprise Search and Findability Survey

The first Enterprise Search and Findability Survey was launched in 2012. Since then, we have used the same format to take the market temperature every year.

This time we are doing it differently.

Insight Engine

In this report, we gather insights from all Enterprise Search and Findability Surveys. We present market trends and introduce the insight engine. We explain how search, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are merging and how the insight engine can benefit you.

The future of search

In addition you will see new model that illustrates where search and findability is going. Clearly there is a need, not only to search or even to find, but to combine search, find and analyse to act on information. The Pyramid of Data Driven Business Transformation explains how search and insight engines can enable data-driven change and automation of core business in organisations around the globe.

About Findwise

With 100+ consultants we create solutions for search- and data driven decisions. Using the latest technology. Findwise will do magic for your organisation, no matter platform, format or the amount of data. Whether you are global, niched or local – at least one of our many clients is similar to you.