Search & Findability Survey 2019

The survey is closed
enterprise search and findability survey 2019

Findwise has taken the temperature on “search and findability” since 2012. People from hundreds of organisations all over the world have contributed to the report on how/if organisations manage to make information accessible.

Now it’s time again. Take the chance and tell us what you think – can you find what you are searching for in your day to day work? Do your customers get the relevant information presented to them?

The survey will be open to mid of June, after which the data will be analysed and finally the result presented in a report in October.

Your answers are anonymous. We collect e-mail address of all respondents in order to send the report to you once it is finalised.

About Findwise

With 100+ consultants we create solutions for search- and data driven decisions. Using the latest technology. Findwise will do magic for your organisation, no matter platform, format or the amount of data. Whether you are global, niched or local – at least one of our many clients is similar to you.