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Did you know that Findwise has moved to http://tietoevry.com/findwise?

Findwise has been a part of Tietoevry Create since January 2022, which means that we can support customers both locally and in a truly global context in long term team deliveries.

Does your organisation suffer from poor product search?

Do you need to improve your current search, do you want to provide a real client 360 experience or perhaps you have been promised "all the gold in the kingdom" from different "out of the box plug and play" -vendors and after some time realised that is does not live up to the promise?

Product search is one of Findwise key knowledge areas.

User friendly product search containing relevant and connected information is top priority to many of our clients.

Product search is not only to understand user generated text from a search box, it is flexible navigation, smart analytics, related information assets, connected spareparts, documentation etc ... it is the whole customer journey ... connected information from many applications and systems

We take an holistic approach to your data and information related to your products to be able to deliver rich product views.

We help you all the way on journey from advisory to improvements to existing solutions, to deliver solutions and active maintainance. Read more about our methodology called Findability by Findwise.

Our approach is often to use modern open search technology to act as the flexible backbone for state of art search applications.

What is is a state of the art search application? ... Perhaps it is your new product search?

We gladly discuss your ideas and challenges!