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"Work as an IT-consultant. It pays a lot!"

Findwise works to increase the interest of IT among young people

"Work as an IT-consultant. It pays a lot!"

Findwizard Karin Obermüller shares her story from opera dreams to becoming a programmer at Findwise.

The IT-business is growing but the lack of system developers, IT-architects and software developers is huge. Next Up wants, together with DataTjej (Computer Girl), to increase young guys and girls interest in IT-educations, which hopefully leads to a greater interest for the IT-business in general. This is to be achieved by holding the competition where the youngsters will work with real cases, created by real companies

As a partner company to Next Up Findwise hosted “a day at an IT firm” for one of the classes entering the competition. Programmer Karin Obermüller talked about why she has chosen to be an IT-consultant:

–It pays a lot, it’s fun and you get to work with awesome people! But it can also be very tough. As a woman in an industry dominated by men you have to be seen and heard.

Findwise thinks that these kind of initiatives as Next Up and the network DataTjej are very important to support. So that the IT-business becomes more available for girls, no matter how tough they are.

Findwizard Karin Obermüller talks about the life of a IT-consultant