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SAP + Findwise = SAPWISE

Analytics and search in SAP
SAP + Findwise = SAPWISE

Findwise starts a company with focus on analytics and information in the globally leading platform SAP. SAPWISE will offer expert consulting to SAP's customer base in their move to the cloud and their journey towards full digitization.

In my first meeting with Findwise I immediately saw the potential and the perfect match between Findwise expertise area and my own deep experience of SAP. SAP customers will have a big need for advisors with competance in the new technology. SAPWISE will be able to provide expertise on HANA and Cloud Solutions, says Ulf Liljensten, co-founder of SAPWISE.

This is a great opportunity for Findwise to apply the unique knowledge of how to analyze and organize information in the SAP-field. SAPWISE will completely focus on innovative solutions based on SAP's new HANA technology.