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Research venture at the University of Skövde

Findwise is a part of the research initiative LIM-IT within Open Source.
Research venture at the University of Skövde

The research environment INFINIT at the University of Skövde is being strengthened by means of a new drive in the area of Open Source.

The research project LIM-IT is a four year venture within the area of Open Source. The aim of the reserach is to expand the knowledge about efficient management and suitable work practices. This is important in order to strengthen the capabilities of individuals and businesses to work strategically with innovations and future IT-solutions.

The ability to handle open source components together with our partners proprietary applications is one of the success factors of Findwise. Open source is also a precondition for us to develop advanced software for our customers. A continued development of the open source domain is important and we see LIM-IT as a very interesting project to highlight these questions.

- Bengt Rodung, CEO, Findwise AB