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Helthcare professionals empowered

Findwise is offering new search-driven solutions to the healthcare industry as co-partners in a new European-based consortium, KConnect.

The state-of-the-art semantic search services

Findwise now offers tailored solutions that can empower clinicians and researchers to find (or be supplied with) the very latest in medical literature, health authority guidelines and relevant patient information, currently hidden and untapped within electronic health record (EHR) text.

This information can be made available within a clinician’s information workflow, ensuring the best patient care decisions. Such information needs could for example include the latest in clinical trial or treatment breakthrough information, or even health authority guideline information as to best treatments and care practice (including drug dosage recommendations and drug combination alerts). With the addition of electronic health record text mining, solutions could also include relevant key patient information (often hidden deep within records) or new insights into collectively anonymised and de-indentified EHRs.

Improved use of relevant information

Findwise is currently collaborating with Qulturum and Region Jönköping County in developing a solution based on KConnect services. “Such services can go a long way to improving patient care and efficiency through the improved use of relevant information,” says Peter Voisey, Head of Research at Findwise.

Key to the new services is the semantic capability of search solutions, where keyword query is extended to understanding related concepts and their relationships in order to get the best and most relevant search results.

Technical and linguistic academic partners in the KConnect consortium mean that these services, if not already created, can be developed in any of the 24 official European languages.