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Findwise - Partners to we_change

Sustainability workshops at we_change
Introducing programming to 100 pupils

On April 20-21 participated Findwise as partner in the we_change tour, the largest sustainability initiative for high school students in Sweden.

we_change reaches out to over 7000 pupils nationwide, and gives them the tools and knowledge they need and want to create a more sustainable future. The theme for we_change 2016 is the United Nation’s 17 new global development goals - the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Computer science and programming are essential, and increases in importance, to make our society smarter and increasingly sustainable. Through we_change Findwise got a unique opportunity to introduce programming to young people with different backgrounds.

As partners Findwise gave four workshops on the importance of programming for 100 pupils, addressing SDG #5 Gender Equality and #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. In the workshops the pupils got an introduction to programming and the diversity challenges our industry is facing. The pupils reflected on what barriers that prevents them from learning how to code and suggested solutions on how these barriers can be overcome.

In order to grow sustainably, as a society and an industry, we need people who have a broad range of perspectives to find different solutions. One of the pupils put it really well: “When creating programs for the people, you need to be the people.”