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Findwise opens office in Helsinki

To help Finnish customers efficiently utilize their information.
Findwise opens office in Helsinki

Findwise is proud to announce its new initiative to expand to the Finnish market.

As we already have ongoing projects with several organizations in Finland it felt like a good possibility get closer to existing clients and grow new relationsips, says Ivar Ekman, head of Findwise Finnish initiative.

Findwise is present in six countries. In addition to Finland, Findwise has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland and the UK.

We see a very big demand for Open Source solutions, such as Elastic and Solr. Like the other markets Finland is has potential to get stronger within the Microsoft Sharepoint and Office 365 collaboration-area. Additionally, the migration from GSA, will also be of much interest as Ivar has a long experience in this area. Stay tuned for more news and information about upcoming events.