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Findwise earns the Gazelle award

Four years in a row, Findwise on the prestigefull Gazelle-list

Findwise earns the Gazelle award

Approaching the 10 year anniversary next year, Findwise earns the fourth consecutive “Gazelle” award, reaching the tough criteria one more time. This year the award is dedicated to all the “Findwizards”!

According to Urban Hedström, one of the founders, is Findwise to thank the unique and talented staff for many of its successes!

“We have a special view on staff and requirement. Our work covers both existing and new employments. By creating an attractive and developing workplace we can keep our current talents and attract new ones. In addition, our value based organization encourages both expertise and high responsibility. The work we do with Talant Management is fundamental in all our decisions, both on an operational level and in board discussions”, says Urban Hedström.

Findwise has 92 employees where a majority is IT-consultants. Even though the lack of IT-consultant in Europe Findwise has managed to attract both young, hungry people as well as experienced experts.

“If it wasn’t for all our Findwizards we never had come this far. This is why we want to dedicate this award to all the people working at Findwsie Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Warsaw”

The Gazelle Criteria:

  • Turnover exceeding 10 MSek
  • More than 10 employees
  • At least doubled turnover when comparing first and latest financial year
  • Consecutive increasing turnover for three years
  • A positive operational profit the last four financial years
  • An organic growth, not due to acquisitions or merger
  • Good finances overall