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EVRY acquires Findwise to expand its capabilities in Cognitive Analytics and Enterprise Search

Creating a powerhouse in Digital, Advanced Analytics and Cognitive
EVRY acquires Findwise to expand its capabilities in Cognitive Analytics and Enterprise Search

EVRY has acquired Findwise AB, a leading Nordic provider of advanced search, advanced analytics and big data services. EVRY and Findwise will jointly expand their capabilities to support their customers in unlocking new intelligence and insight as they seek faster and more precise decision-making.

Technology built on artificial intelligence and robotics has evolved to become the foundation for businesses to fundamentally transform themselves. What this means for customers is that decisions can be made more quickly and accurately with support from advanced predictive analysis, as well as processes becoming more automated.

“By combining our strengths, we will become a driving force in the attractive market of advanced search, advanced analytics, AI and big data. Our customers will gain access to scalable systems capable of understanding, reasoning and learning from data, which will be provided with a standard interface, implementation methodology and best practice. Using search-driven cognitive analytics delivered by EVRY and Findwise, we will provide customers with services that will help them to be even more relevant in the digital age”, comments Björn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY.

Findwise has for more than a decade been working with methodology and expertise regarding the use of artificial intelligence in relation to extensive and unstructured data sets. Leveraging EVRY`s strong customer base and the capabilities of the Strategic Design Lab, we will be able to unleash our full potential. With a continued focus on all types of information challenges and possibilities, we aim to provide customers with more precise insights and quickly improve business outcomes”, comments Catarina Gunneberg, CEO of Findwise.

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EVRY is one of the leading IT service and software providers in the Nordic region and has around 10,000 customers across the private and public sectors. Every day more than five million people in the Nordic region use solutions delivered by EVRY. Through its strong local presence and in-depth technological and commercial insight, EVRY is a driving force for innovation and modernisation at its customers. EVRY reported turnover of SEK 12.6 billion in 2017 and has around 8,500 employees across eight countries. Its headquarters are located at Fornebu just outside Oslo, and the company is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. www.evry.com

Catarina Gunneberg, CEO Findwise (right) and Kenneth Karlsson, SVP EVRY Digital (left)