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AI Innovation of Sweden - a big step for Findwise, a giant leap for Sweden

An AI-center putting Sweden on the map
AI Innovation of Sweden - a big step for Findwise, a giant leap for Sweden

AI innovation of Sweden, a national collaboration environment for artificial intelligence has been opened in Gothenburg enabling organisations like Findwise to lead Sweden's digitisation work.

Findwise is, through the owner company EVRY, a partner of AI innovation of Sweden. EVRY made a major investment in AI when they acquired Findwise in June 2018.

- For many years we have applied AI technology such as machine learning, text analysis, NLP in our projects. This experience, together with our niche expertise to handle large amounts of unstructured data, makes us a valuable and unique partner (to AI innovation of Sweden), saysCatarina Gunneberg CEO at Findwise.

Catarina became the Findwise's first CEO at the beginning of 2018, after having worked for more than a decade at leading positions within IT in the Volvo Group.

- The center's geographical location is a great advantage for us as we work closely with the automative and manufacturing industries. We also have a strong connection to healthcare since we have worked with more than half of all the county councils in Sweden, and together with Vinnova we have initiated initiatives for digitising health services. (http://www.kconnect.eu/) We look forward to immediately test innovative solutions together with our customers in AI Innovation of Sweden, says Catarina.

- Being part of the investment in a national arena for digitisation, innovation and AI is not just a big step for us at Findwise. It is above all a very strong message that Sweden is heading in the right direction!

From the Swedish goverment's national approach to AI
”The Government’s goal is to make Sweden a leader in harnessing the opportunities that the use of AI can offer, with the aim of strengthening Sweden’s welfare and competitiveness.”, Read more

Examples of how Findwise works with applied AI:
- Automated financial advice
- AI for automatic translation
- Customer support in natural language

From the left: Robin Blomqvist VP Innovation & Corporate Strategy EVRY, Catarina Gunneberg CEO Findwise, Mikael Wendelius Business Area Manager - Cognitive Solutions and AI Findwise