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2016 Findwise Enterprise Search and Findability Survey now open!

The fifth annual Enterprise Search and Findability Survey
2016 Findwise Enterprise Search and Findability Survey now open!

Practitioners from around 250 organisations, mainly from Europe, have contributed to past surveys, with as many as 84% claiming that the continued improvement of information findability remains important to their organisation. The ambition for 2016 is to further increase the survey’s number of respondents and its geographical reach.

The survey results will be presented in a report that gives practitioners and the industry unique insight into the trends of how search is employed, managed and perceived in different organisations, big and small, global and local.

– Our goal is for the report to provide inspiration both from the survey results and good case examples but also to give hands-on tips on how to get started and succeed, says Mattias Ellison – Business Consultant at Findwise.

The 2016 Enterprise Search and Findability Survey report will be sent to all survey respondents in October. The results will also be presented at the Findability Day conference in Stockholm on October 27th 2016.

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