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Lucidworks Fusion Developer

Lucidworks Training
9 May 09:00 to 17:00

Lucidworks Fusion Developer


The Fusion Developer training course will teach you how to deliver powerful, intuitive search experiences at large internet scales. Expanding on topics introduced in the Fusion Server Foundations course, this course will teach you how to calibrate your search applications for optimal relevance. Explore Fusion’s experimentation framework and the use of signals and telemetry to enhance user experiences and allow for in-depth usage analysis. This course also covers methods to implement custom JavaScript in Fusion Pipeline stages to build powerful and responsive scripts at Index and Query time that can enable you to ETL ingest data and satisfy custom query requirements. You will also be introduced to Fusion SQL, which enables self-serve analytics at massive scale. This course also provides comprehensive hands-on lab exercises to help solidify all the learning objectives.