Increase conversions in E-commerce

With Machine Learning, NLP and Word Embedding

How does search technology in e-commerce work?

In online sales, search engines can support various fragments of the so-called customer journey: from marketing automation to efficient customer support. It is worth realizing that this technology is not only hidden under the search field with the magnifying glass icon. Search also works in the form of recommendations, chatbots and entire websites powered by search engine content (search-driven pages).

Undoubtedly, the main goal of the search engine is to increase conversions. In e-commerce, the question of return on investment is very simple: sales increase or not? To reach the goal the search engine must provide the best answers, in a specific context, realizing the intentions of the customer. And this is not just a matter of the list of results, but also hints, self-corrections or recommendations.

How to increase conversions (and sales) by optimising the search engine?

AI, Machine Learning, NLP etc. are some of the buzzwords you've seen flourishing during the past year. For instanse, on the basis of the aforementioned statistics you can create a personalised ranking of results or profile customers and group them according to selected criteria. Going further, just using machine learning, we can make the search engine learn how to behave and the preferences of consumers. This affects the accuracy of matches and what users will find in the top positions of the ranking. In turn, natural language processing (NLP) allows you to build a solution that we call semantic: trying to explore the relationship between words and their meaning in a specific statement.

These techniques will optimize your search engine and have an immidiate effect on conversions!

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