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How to Combine Visualization and NLP to Generate Intuitive Insights

23 May 18:00 to 20:00

How to Combine Visualization and NLP to Generate Intuitive Insights


How do you combine visualization and NLP (natural language processing) in order to generate insights in an intuitive way?

Findwise and Fredrik Moeschlin, Senior Data Scientist, give you the chance to relive the amazing presentation presented for the first time to Sweden's largest data and analysis event, Data Innovation Summit, March 22 at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Now we will open up the doors to our office for #gbgtechweek!

Inspiration from Google and the gaming world

Combining the simplicity of public search engines with the visual feel of, for example, Minecraft, you can maybe imagine how innovative, powerful and easy-to- use a tool for analytics could be. During the seminar, we turn to the everyday life of a classic BI user. We benefit from the power of graphics today, used primarily by the gaming world, adding a search-enabled interface for anyone who is tired of a multitude of filters and dropdowns. What you will see is a concept developed in Findwise Labs and no complete or public tool.

Swedish housing market as an example

This seminar offers new insights into the Swedish housing market development through a dizzying visual experience that you have never seen before. The presentation is perfect for those who want to be inspired by working innovatively, exploring and data-driven with your market data or similar large complex data sets.

Food and drinks will be served at the event.