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Findwise Ventures

Today most organisations, in all industries, are facing digitalisation challenges. Those that manage to use their information assets effectively will gain advantage over their competitors.

Findwise Ventures strives to be the first choice, helping organisations tackle digital transformation and information challenges in new, innovative ways. We welcome you to use the leverage of our software components, partner technologies and the skills of our expert consultants and software developers.

After more than 10 years of consulting and researching we have come across a lot of new business ideas. One of the critical success factors for Findwise has been the ability to focus on Enterprise Search and Findability consultancy. Combining this focus with a forum to handle all the new ideas has led to Findwise Ventures. Our ambition is to be the number one choice in effectively supporting new business opportunities in the critical information domain.

Regardless of the industry, information source or technology we can develop and market products and services, both to consumers and to businesses.

We are very open for new partnerships within this area. If you are itching to make your great business idea or venture happen quicker, contact us!