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Findwise presents at Vitalis 2020

How the UK National Health Service uses a knowledge graph to fight COVID-19 - Case story NHS Learning Hub.
26 August 11:00 to 11:30

Findwise presents at Vitalis 2020

Göteborg and virtual

Peter Voisey will share knowledge about the use of knowledge graphs to fight Covid 19.

NHS released recently released their new NHS learning hub to all their employees in healthcare.

The Learning Hub will develop to collate learning resources from hundreds of different sources in different formats, all accessible from the one site. The Hub search will include a number of AI elements, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).
The use of AI means that content providers do not have to go through the inconsistent and unreliable process of “tagging” uploaded content in order to match the differing query language and perspectives of the doctors, nurses and social working who will embark on using the enhanced learning services.

Instead the Learning Hub, via the search functionality, can understand both the content and the end user query by using a currently COVID-19 -specific Knowledge Graph. This graph is used behind the scenes to automatically and consistently annotate and structure the data, essentially making the data smarter and thus more readily findable. The Knowledge Graph is in fact encoded knowledge that Search, or any other application, can employ to become “smart”. In fact, the knowledge in a Knowledge Graph, as in the case of Google Search, is what gives an AI application its “intelligence” - from which also learns more efficiently (ML).

Time for the actual speaker slot will come soon...