Elasticsearch performance problems?

Download the paper to find out how to optimize Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a high performance distributed system. Yet more often than not clients operating large production clusters experience performance problems. We can help you to optimise your Elasticsearch. Start by downloading the guide and see if that helps.

If you are still experiencing indexing- or search problems - let's do a Health Check!

Included in the 3-day Health check:

Findwise Elastic expert will spend 2 days examining and analysing Elasticsearch installation in cooperation with your Elastic responsible to understand current state and areas of improvement. The 3rd day is used creating a recommendations report and presenting the findings in 2 hour delivery meeting


  • Deep dive of current setup with Elastic expert
  • Report describing the areas of improvement, incl high level estimate on the tasks suggested.
  • Delivery meeting where we will go through the findings and jointly prioritize the tasks based on impact and efforts needed to fix the specific issue.

About Findwise

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