Do you have what it takes to succeed with digital transformation?

Data Findability and Dataset Discovery

AI, IoT, Industry 4.0… No matter what digital transform initiative your organisation is driving, the ability to make use of the right data is key to success! To successfully transform your business utilising new technology, you need to make sure that the right data is available and used.

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For example, it doesn’t matter how many data scientists that you employ, unless they have access to correct data their analysis won’t provide the desired results. At least not within the desired time frame.

In most organisations, a day in the life of a data consumer, as for the data science profession, is represented by 75% data preparation.

Data Findability – a process for Useful Dataset Discovery

  • The right data is available to your data consumers
  • Your organisation utilises the full potential in the data being available
  • Your organisation ensuring that data can be re-used

Learn more about Data Findability and Useful Dataset Discovery by downloading this report.

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