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Data Findability

We make your data reusable and F.A.I.R.

The business challenge:
Many organisations embarked on a digital transformation journey, have found their initiatives stranded due to lack of reliable, findable and sustainable data, especially when they are to move from tests and POCs to scale in production.

70% of all initiatives towards Digital Transformation fail according to McKinsey. Why?

The way forward
Our solution is to assist you as a client in creating sustainable data management through a program of activities and infrastructure, using our proven approach Findability by Findwise.
We create an effective ecosystems of tools like search platform and knowledge graph tools to enhance your existing data with structures from standards.

The Value
The value is democratisation of data and information across the organisation, and a platform that supports data-driven transformation across the organisation.
Your enhanced data can be used to perform the 360 views you have only dreamed about before to support your business.
Your organisation starts a journey towards F.A.I.R. data. Including strategies and tools to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable - of many considered a cornerstone in all Digital Transformation.

How to start?

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Tech is perhaps not the most important factor of successful initiatives but we can help you navigate the jungle of good technology vendors out there. We are vendor independent advisors and have partnerships with many leading analytics and big data companies and provide expert consulting for platforms such as:

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