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Data-driven Business

With Elastic and Findwise
3 May 08:00 to 10:00

Data-driven Business


Join Elastic- and Findwise’s morning seminar on the 3rd of May and learn more about how to become more data driven and get insights on how other companies have gotten an easy overview of the huge amounts of information in their organisations and now reap the benefits of letting data drive their decision processes. The seminar will consist of the presentation of two inspiring use cases and an open dialogue, allowing questions to each one for a better understand of how the examples would fit your particular scenario.

Case 1. Insurance business

Findwise have assisted one of the largest insurance businesses in Sweden accessing all relevant information from one point of entry. Due to organic growth the company had found themselves in a situation where the number of systems containing relevant data had reach a critical amount and made finding information increasingly complex and time consuming, not to mention the costs associated with maintaining the many systems.

Case 2. Banking

The BPCE Group is the second largest banking group in France and one of the top ten European banking groups, serving 31 million clients. BPCE-IT processes large volumes of log files related to infrastructures and applications, a source of information which has remained underused. They have chosen the Elastic Stack for its capacity to process and analyze large amounts of miscellaneous data in real time. Additionally, Elastic Stack security features provide access rights to data stored in clusters. This has allowed BPCE-IT to secure its data and optimize its infrastructure and management costs.