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Improving safety and efficiency at a nuclear power plant.


The safety demands on nuclear power plants are very strict. In addition to well-defined and highly regulated processes that ensure smooth, safe and efficient daily operations, safety culture and safety work represent im­portant aspects of staff training. Experiences are logged and processed in an orderly fash­ion. Maintenance work is thoroughly planned and a common understanding of the task at hand is formed in pre-job briefings within the team prior to the work being carried out. Experience management and pre-job briefing are two examples that illustrate the type of continuous improvement work carried out at Forsmark every day.


Forsmark’s common search platform is based on Elasticsearch, a highly flexible and scalable open source search and big data platform. Information that is fed to Elasticsearch is processed by the Findwise solution i3. This means that the data is fetched from the information sources, pro­cessed and harmonized for a uniform information model and last indexed into the search engine using a .NET-based, search engine agnostic inte­gration suite with the components.

The pre-job briefing application is accessing the information in the platform using Findwise’ .NET-based search service layer.


The objective of a good pre-job briefing at Forsmark is to communi­cate an understanding of scope, hazards and mitigation to enable the safe completion of a task. A web-based application is used to assist the team to consider all significant matters. The pre-job briefing is also documented in this tool.

The pre-job briefing application is the first search-based application to be released on top of Forsmark’s new common search platform based on Elasticsearch and the Findwise .NET. What impact the application will have on safety of operations at the power plant remains to be proven. This will be measured using the key perfor­mance indicators of the plant mainte­nance division during 2015.

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