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Increased conversion for online retailer.

“Findwise’ work with search on Sprell.no boosted our conversion rate by improving navigation, product search and cross selling”
Alexander Arnesen
E-commerce manager Sprell.no


Sprell.no is an online store for quality toys and kids room interior in Norway. The store launched in 2000 and has been leaders in their segment with double digit growth from 2003 to 2011. During 2012 and until relaunch in November 2013 the site had limited growth. Sprell identified poor conversion rate on site as one of the main growth inhibiting problems with the website.

The hypothesis was that it was due to limited cross selling and poor search functionality. Sprell wanted to increase conversion rates to regain double digit growth rates in online sales.

Aside from the conversion rate issue, there were problems with SEO, usability on mobile devices and with the Verified by Visa Payment. However, the strategy was to prioritize fixing the conversion rate and the SEO problems in the first phase to be able to launch before Christmas sales 2013 started, an important season for Sprell.no. Findwise was consulted to work on increasing the conversion rate by fixing search related issues on the site and to make navigation easier through improved menus.


Findwise worked on navigation issues by making the entire website search based. All menu content, product pages, product information and related products are dynamically generated from search results.

Findwise improved the site search by making it more visible and adding features like facets for product filtering, query completion and related hits. The query completion has two parts, free text and specific products with product image and title giving the visitor a great overview of options.

Using a configurable relevance model based on product data already available and taking into account age group appropriateness, Findwise added related products to the product page and created a dynamic and scalable way for Sprell to do cross selling.

The new site launched in November 2013 with improved navigation and site search with superior relevance and speed. The solution is based on open source avoiding licensing fees hurting profitability when growth increases.


Data from December 2013 show big increases in both organic traffic and conversion rate. Organic traffic more than doubled compared to last year. Revenues from organic traffic increased even more and were up by 162 %. Before launch conversion had fallen by 5% and revenue from direct traffic (mainly existing customers) was flat. Afterwards, conversion increased by 13% and revenue from direct traffic increased 50% indicating old customers found it much easier to find products they wanted. The increased conversion is noteworthy since a lot more new visitors from increased traffic usually leads to lower conversion rate.


Technologies used on Sprell.no

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Apache Solr - The popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform.