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Enterprise Search at SKF serving both internal search and client facing applications with relevant data

Enterprise Search at SKF

SKF search solution allows people within the global organisation to easily get access to all types of information, regardless of location. The Findability application serves as a single-point-of-access to the information, with a usable interface to encourage user interaction and knowledge sharing. Search functionality has been developed over time with focus on true user requirements and business value.

The application has been operational since 2007 and it has been a success! In the organisational paradigm shift, in which SKF has turned from traditional industry company to a knowledge engineering company, the search application has been a key support for information retrieval to all employees, thereby increasing work efficiently and allowing capitalisation of the in-house corporate wisdom.

Today more than 12 000 unique users per month are using the application, and together they are asking more than 140 000 queries per month.

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Technologies used on SKF

We build search solutions based on any platform and have partnerships with all leading vendors.

Elastic (Elasticsearch) - A powerful component for modern search technology.
Findwise i3 - Turning your search engine into an insight engine.