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How a search based solution can help both sales reps and customers.

Customer support

The Vehicle Service Aftermarket team at SKF identified the need for end customers to easily access product data for replacement kits, such as: technical specifications, PDF bulletins, instruction videos and photos.

In order to make product data easily available replacement kits sold and delivered will have a printed QR-code on the package. The QR-code will hold a URL pointing to the web application, based on a product search technology.

Sales support

To simplify sales reps work situation and make it more efficient SKF decided to invest in a mobile application to be used as an offline sales tool. The motto for the project was “Always be ready with an iPad” and the result is a portable product brochures archive in the palm of the hand.

SKF Shelf is a mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android meant to be used by sales reps as an offline sales tool. The solutions is based on Findwise search based services.


Technologies used on SKF

We build search solutions based on any platform and have partnerships with all leading vendors.

Findwise i3 - Turning your search engine into an insight engine.
Elastic (Elasticsearch) - A powerful component for modern search technology.