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Region Östergötland

How smart intranet search can be the foundation for improved customer service application

The problem

Region Östergötland identified that they suffered from an ineffective information landscape where all systems kept their own information in their own information silo. Citizens and employees had to scan many systems to get an overview of information.

The idea

To connect a modern search platform to prioritised information sources and with that as foundation start building applications in a reusable manner to support specific business needs.


First business need was to find a solution to replace the outdated search function at the old intranet called “Lisa”.
The popular opensource search engine Elasticsearch combined with Findwise i3 search framework was chosen. Main arguments were:
- Fast development – no need to build and maintain several building blocks
- Pricemodel scaled with opensource – low total cost of ownership
- High quality – proven match with many similar installations
- Possibility to connect any datasource
- Possible to also use the platform to expose masterdata – platform to reuse information and integrations

Information sources connected today are:
- Public web – regionostergotland.se
- Old intranet – Lisa
- Common masterdata service
- Document management – Documenta
- Sharepoint installation

Search applications are:
- Public search at Regionsostergotland.se
- Search at old Intranet – Lisa
- Search at new digital workplace
- Search driven views/content new digital workplace
- Web for healthproviders (vårdgivarwebben)
- Application for FAQ
- Search driven web-app for internal customer support
- Service for search driven analytics


The solution makes it possible for employees to access accurate information faster resulting in a more efficient healthcare. Great response from employees.

Citizens in contact with the region experience better service.

Improved quality of information and less complexity of the IT-landscape. It is easier and faster to address business challenges with new application. Investments in improved information quality are now much easier to reuse over and over again through the smart search api:s. Search is now part of the overall IT-strategy.

Webeditors and information stewards have better control over their content and possibility to get statistical feedback on the use of content. Search driven views of information at the intranet reduce the risk of presenting outdated content and reduce duplicated information.

After the first search application at “Lisa” was released it has been easy for the region to meet new business needs with efficient more nisched applications as customer support and FAQ.

Success factors

A success factor for Region Östergötland has been to treat the search engine as a common platform for the whole organisation to use. Avoid unnecessary information silos, reuse investments and smarter IT investments have been an important part of their strategy to become better equipped to succeed with overall digital transformation. The search and Findability program is an example of a successful step in the right direction.

High level architecture search and information engine

Technologies used on Region Östergötland

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