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PGNiG Termika

Improved SharePoint search lowered loss of working time.


PGNiG TERMIKA SA is Poland’s largest producer of heat and power. Their CHP plants provide 11% of the heat produced in Poland and they employ over 1000 people.

For an organization operating in a highly regulated environment such as the energy sector, fast and easy access to documents governing the company’s operations is essential.

A survey conducted at PGNiG TERMIKA highlighted some challenges the employees were facing on a daily basis. As it turned out, a large group of employees had been struggling with recurring problems when searching for the information they needed.

According to the respondents, too much time was needed to find information. The low efficiency of the search systems resulted in:

  • loss of working time (33%) – searching for information is an unnecessary expense; that time could instead be used to perform other duties within the company
  • reduced quality of work (21%) – efficient access to relevant information supports proper and rapid execution of tasks
  • duplication of work (22%) – if searching for information takes too long and the desired information cannot be found, employees duplicate work that might have been already performed elsewhere (e.g. statements and reports)
  • restriction of information flow (25%) – inability to find a staff member who has the right information results in a lack of flow, in terms of knowledge and experience within the specific area.
    *The survey was conducted in March 2013 among the employees of PGNiG TERMIKA SA, working in management positions and as specialists.

“Based on the results of the survey, which showed the average time needed to gain access to the desired information and given the expectations in terms of search tools, we made a decision that the solving of these problems was a key task for us.” - says Dariusz Gawryś, Director of IT and Business Administration at PGNiG TERMIKA SA.

The survey proved that for 52% of the employees it had taken more than 10 minutes to find the right information. As many as 96% of the respondents expected improved tools for searching and finding the information to be implemented, anticipating that it would make their work easier and more effective.


The implementation utilises the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 search engine (Enterprise Edition); a connector was also created in order to provide access to purchase documents that are stored in the ERP IFS FINANCE system. Findwise developed a comprehensive system of relationships between documents and a new interface, which provides refiners for filtering according to user needs. Protection measures against unauthorised access to information are consistent with the security policy in force at PGNiG TERMIKA SA.


“We wanted to shorten the average time needed to obtain the right information, in order to increase efficiency and improve the employees’ satisfaction with their work” – adds Dariusz Gawryś. “With the solution designed by Findwise, which has just been implemented, our employees now have easy access to information from different data sources via a common interface. This is an important step towards creating an environment that facilitates knowledge management within the company.”

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